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Pittsburgh, PA: The Scarehouse 2013 review


I never would have guessed that my old hometown would have a world-class haunted attraction. Maybe that’s because this was put in after I moved away from Pittsburgh to go to college in New Jersey.

When I lived in Pittsburgh there weren’t many options. This was probably compounded by the fact that I was a kid and didn’t have that much money. I also hadn’t fully discovered haunted houses yet. One year my friends and I went to The TerrorDome. That was the extent of my haunted house experience in Pittsburgh. (Side note: I wonder what ever happened to that?)

But anyway, the point I am getting to is that you freaking people in Pittsburgh should be proud that you have a high quality haunted attraction in your city like The Scarehouse.

The Scarehouse did a new extreme haunted house that I already reviewed here. This post is going to talk about the actual regular attractions in The Scarehouse.

For the most part my prior reviews are still legit, but if I left it there it would be misleading. They made some updates and upgrades to the haunts this year. That combined with the multilayered set design makes The Scarehouse feel new even though the attractions mostly retained the same theme. If this were a video game, I’d talk about how it is very re-playable.

You might think that something might be missing since they added The Basement. They did it right and didn’t subtract any actors from the main attractions and managed to add some very cool upgrades.

Much to our delight this year the Scarehouse Shake returned at Burgatory. Proceeds of that support the Lemieux Foundation which helps kids in need. We totally bought 2.

I hope they do the Scarehouse Shake again, but I hope they do something more with it next year. Last year’s Scarehouse Shake was a bizarre (and by bizarre, I mean “best ever “) concoction of red velvet, chocolate vodka, ice cream, and whipped cream topped with a gummy eyeball. It seemed really special and unique. I can’t even tell you where to replicate that here in New York City.

This year’s shake seemed just like an Oreo shake with chocolate vodka that could be found anywhere, with a gummy worm on top. That’s not to say it wasn’t good, but it just didn’t seem as special as it had before. I guess that’s one of the problems when you set the bar so high in your debut year.

I can’t believe I am reviewing a freaking milkshake.

But anyway, The Scarehouse never fails to impress. I await my 2014 Scarehouse Shake before I visit again. Yep.

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