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Haunt Review: Lulu’s House of Horrors 2012

Oni and I visited Lulu’s House of Horrors on November 2, 2012 in Plymouth Meeting, PA. Lulu is a charity event by the Shriners, which benefits their branches of children’s hospitals. It’s a very “old school” style haunt, and has been running for quite some time, with many of the same actors and staff over it’s entire run. We visited this haunt last year and had a blast, so how was it this year?

Since this haunt is done for charity your first thought might be that it was going to be very low budget, or a token effort. Wrong. Lulu goes for it like any other haunt we’ve been to, and they have the dedicated people to get the job done.

The haunt breaks down into 5 basic parts: a short hay ride through a “hick” area, a walk through cemetery, the house of horrors walk through house, a short hay ride through a menacing forest (featuring an appearance from a certain razor gloved movie villain), and then a final small corn maze. While each section (other than the house) is relatively short in duration, they are all very good and fun. They don’t shoot for filler, they hit you with the goods and then you move on. A few specific bits that you can look forward to are:

1) Yes, that’s a real shotgun, filled (thankfully) with blanks

2) Uh, that’s not an animatronic coming out of the ground…and yes, he will be following you the entire time.

3) That giant wolf did just jump in my face and slam down with a super heavy smashing sound

4) Creepy dudes in corn mazes, even short ones, can be very effective.

We absolutely love Lulu and had a great time. There’s a reason this place has been running this long; it’s a fun time done by people who really care, and filled with an older group of scare actors that have a great amount of experience. So, have fun, get scared, and also donate to a good cause–a triple win in our book and one you shouldn’t miss.

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