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Elysburg, Pennsylvania Haunted Attraction Review: Knoebels Haunted Mansion – new rooms added for 2016

Knoebels Haunted Mansion is one of the few (the other being Rehoboth Beach’s Haunted Mansion in Delaware) haunted attractions that I put on the same awesome level as Disney’s Haunted Mansion. I’m looking through my own blog and stunned that I’ve not posted a formal review specifically of it before. I guess I just included it in my theme park report and updates when they got new merch in.

Knoebels is located just outside of Philadelphia. It’s about a 3.5 hour drive from where I live in Central NJ and it is well worth the trip. If you like classic family-run theme parks, this is the park for you. It’s a low stress experience where you feel welcome, the prices are lower than corporate parks, and the food tastes homemade. Admission to the park is free. A ride on the Haunted Mansion is just $2.00 per person.

There are not many parks left like this. Knoebels is probably the most important theme park left in the world today for this reason.

The Knoebels Haunted Mansion is a ride through, family-friendly haunted mansion that is just a bit edgier than Disney. They do utilize startle scares inside. Smaller children may be afraid but will quickly grow to love it as they get a bit older.

There is nothing negative about this ride. It’s what I look for in life. It’s a shining example of haunt excellence. Not only is it accessible for kids, but it’s just scary and well-designed enough to startle and engage adults. This ride is for literally the whole family.

DAFE did a breakdown of this attraction with photos that I can’t get because I was there when the ride was operating.

Image from DAFE.
Image from DAFE – click over to there to get more details on the interior.

What I can tell you about is that they just added new rooms for 2016 that are definitely worth a look.

The new rooms are all very well done. The staging is great. The sound is amazing. The ride moves fast so I am not even sure how much is new in here. To us it seemed like quite a bit.

I have a love/hate relationship with the room that replaced the mirror/bobbing skull room. I love what they did but I also miss the bobbing skulls. You can see some of the bobbing skulls in areas in there but it’s not as freaky as it was before.

The room is great. Don’t get me wrong. And I get why, from a design standpoint this was one of the rooms that they chose to alter. It was longer than the other rooms and nothing happened in there besides the bobbing skulls. If you are familiar with one of my favorite artists, Yayoi Kusama, this room reminded me of some of her work.

Kusama in Fireflies by Jason Schmidt - Whitney Museum, NYC
Kusama in Fireflies by Jason Schmidt – Whitney Museum, NYC

So I sorta wish they’d add a bit more of that back. BUT!!! I also love what they did at the same time.

Knoebels Haunted Mansion is and has always been one of the best ride through Haunted Attraction outside of Disney World. It’s truly one of my favorite things in the world. Knoebels and Disney set the gold standard for what all other haunted ride through attractions are measured by. No – they set the standard for what all THEME PARKS are measured by. Yeah they are that good. I’m glad they are caring for the Haunted Mansion and adding to it.


Haunt season is almost here. Catch up on my reviews and GET HYPE GET HYPE!

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