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Bowmanstown / Palmerton, Pennsylvania Haunted Attractions: The Freak and Funhouse 2015 review

The Freak and Funhouse in Bowmanstown (right near the border of Palmerton) is literally unlike any other haunted attraction. It’s in someone’s house, for one. That should give you an idea of how out of the box this one is. It’s a clear labor of love and one I enjoy going to every year. For the most part my review of last year holds true, but do note that they have added and changed a lot of the specific scenes inside.

What I like about this one is that almost nothing in here feels like I’ve seen it anywhere else before. The props are assembled in such an avante garde way that even props that were purchased are utilized in new ways. This one is art – not corporate.

It needs to be said again that his haunt is not for the easily offended. If you are easily offended please don’t go because you are not who this is for. You’ll encounter certain subject matter in here that other haunts won’t do – like Hitler and the KKK. My husband is Jewish and I am tan enough to be concerned with hate groups – we were not offended in the slightest (they aren’t promoting those groups in a positive fashion). We were laughing our asses off through the entire thing. The new scenes were great and just…really bizarre. And that’s how I like it.

Seriously, what is scarier than hateful people? Not much. It’s also done in such a DIY way that it’s absolutely comedic and amusing. If I felt that they were aggrandizing hate I’d have been pissed off. They were not. They were just making art in the vein of being terrifying or perhaps in response to it. That’s appropriate. I also find it refreshing that they seem to function in their own creative pocket away from the other haunts. They are able to do what they want.

The Freak and Funhouse is a lot like underground art that you walk through. It’s certainly not for everybody, but we love it and can’t wait to go every year. Do note that you will have to crawl in here so it is not handicapped accessible and that the wait may be significant because it is not a high capacity haunt. The haunt is owned by the kindest folks you’ll ever meet. If you like weird shit that is just plain bizarre and different you will enjoy this haunt. I encourage you to also do Halls of Horror in the same night because they are literally a 10 minute drive away from each other. By pairing these 2 up you will have a complete evening of haunted attractions and you’ll surely see some shit that you won’t see anywhere else…that’s for sure. Wow.

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