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Lancaster, PA Haunted Attractions: Field of Screams 2015 review

Field of Screams in Lancaster / Mountville, PA is, hands down, the best farm/outdoors based haunt I have ever been to in my life.


It’s one of the locations that I am confident recommending to anyone who asks me for a solid and scary haunted house.

There’s a lot going on at Field of Screams and they get it all totally correct in the implementation. They have an extensive midway with food, games, a gift shop, and benches.



Admission to this area is free. Which makes it a perfect community destination for all members of the family. There are often bands playing or other entertainment. There will also be scare actors roaming about so it’s a lot of fun to watch them take photos with and harass the customers. They do not harass you if you are relaxing and eating, so this is still a great place for parents to wait for their kids to go through the attractions.

Field of Screams has 4 haunted attractions. They have 2 totally enclosed attractions called the Den of Darkness and Frightmare Asylum. There’s a Haunted Hayride and an outdoor walkthrough called Nocturnal Wasteland.



This year there were iterative changes to all of the attractions. The thing is – all of these iterative changes were so well placed and well designed that they added a lot to the experience. Field of Screams is the only place I know of that has such a tight game that they don’t even need to do new attractions. They control their existing attractions so well that they feel fresh every year. This year is even better because there are extensive additions they have done.

I loved the new paths they implemented in both Frightmare Asylum and Den of Darkness. The hayride has lots of new scares added and they also changed the design of a lot of it. Nocturnal Wasteland received some new elements that worked extremely well. What I love about all of these attractions is that they build upward. Most haunts stop at eye level. These guys do not. You’ll see all kinds of things above you – including actors on ziplines here and there. It’s truly an entire world they have built.

I can’t get over the skill and intensity of all of the actors at this place. Every year I see attractions that have great actors, but largely most attractions have good years and bad years in their actors’ skill levels. Field of Screams is the only one that does it on all gears every year again and again with an unwavering attention to detail, quality, and safety. They DELIVER. Every year. I spoke to Jim Schopf, one of the owners, and he said that they do a pretty intensive training program. I wish that all haunted attractions did this because I believe this is how attractions truly own their uniqueness.

I can’t think of anything bad to say about Field of Screams. If you went last year it’s definitely worth your time to go again. If you’ve never gone – what are you waiting for?

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