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DAILY REAL TALK: How I review Haunted Houses and why people care

This is the ultimate TL; DR of why I write so much about the Haunted Attraction industry.

Haunted House Guy: “I NOT SCARED I BIG MAN.”


Me: “I love the staging of this room because they truly understand 3D space and how to build above eye level. The actors were placed well and that tag team in room 4 was fabulous. Thematically this didn’t seem like it worked on paper but the actual implementation was fabulously astounding and really tied the entire experience together. Let’s dissect the 4 genres of Haunted Attraction I’ve defined and match this one up later after hell yeah run around have fun eat a donuts!”


I think that the more things people of all ages and tastes have to do together the better our world will be. I want to see more things to do with my family and friends, not less. I want to delve into the industry and really pull out the multifaceted aspect that many regular folks don’t know exists. Not every haunted house is trying to scare you or achieve the same thing. Simply judging a haunt on if it’s scary enough is reductive and missing the entire point. There’s a wide scope of different types of interactive theater experiences that are available to us. It’s just that not many people really talk about it. The haunts themselves don’t always have money for marketing and telling you this because they are focused on their art.

Well, it just so happens that I am a Marketing VP and – I see it.

I do, and I will continue to illuminate this for all.

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