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#OniHaunts 2015 begins this week and I’ve been busy…

This week starts the nonstop ‪#‎OniHaunts‬ Haunted Attraction Review party which will go all the way through November.


Art by Oni Hartstein

First I’ll be doing immersive theater experience, Then She Fell with Harknell and Kara. Then it’s off to Field of Screams with my friends Gillian and Randy.

Then every weekend I’ll be doing between 2-8 attractions and writing abotu it here, as per usual. There will be no sleep until November as we cover 4000 miles of fun!

If you are looking for haunts and cool shows this Fall on the east coast of the US, reference my review archives to get started.

I’ve honestly been a bit down lately since I’ve been dealing with a steady stream of heavy life shit since November. I’ve been working on adding to my vinyl collection, studying guitar, and working on my book.

Intervention 6 was a huge success, and I have a lot of great guests announced (and more to come) for (Re)Generation Who. I hope that life stops kicking me in the face long enough so that I can enjoy it.

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