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Haunted Attraction Reviews: OniHaunts 2015 is almost here! Heck yes, Halloween.


My calendar is already filling up with invites from haunted attractions for this season. Contact me ASAP via my website if you want to be sure that I can get to yours. I will again have to turn some down this year. Not enough time unless they invent teleportation.


Standard disclaimer: Most haunted attractions offer me media passes to attend their haunt which helps me afford the over 4000 miles of travel I’ll be doing in October. I am fair, balanced, and target my work as constructive criticism that will help the haunt owners be their best and the fans to make great choices for their family. (Yes, there’s different types of haunts and I believe a haunt exists for literally every person’s style and taste. Not every one is about terror.)

Please understand how I work. I cannot be threatened or paid off to lie, ever and I sure as hell am not doing this just to get hooked up.

I love this industry and believe in elevating it to the mainstream as one of the best forms of entertainment in the country as a personal cause of mine. My work is constructive criticism with an eye toward and love of the artistry that goes into these attractions.

What media passes do is gives each haunt owner the opportunity to tell me their story so that I can translate the work they are doing to the public without having to guess and tell the wrong story.

My work is largely a love letter to haunted attractions but most of all I work for my readers and will never lie to them. That’s why my work has been called by fans and haunt owners alike the gold standard of Haunted Attraction journalism. I’ve been featured on places like FIOS1 News, Boing Boing, Talk Radio, and even Fox Red Eye as the country’s foremost haunted attraction review expert. Yes, I was pretty surprised about that myself. My life is odd.

In general I can travel to NY, NJ, FL, PA, OH, MD, and VA but I’m always trying to go further.

Read my reviews to get an idea for how I operate here.

See examples of my media appearances here.

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