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Tampa, Florida Haunted Attractions: The Vault of Souls, An Elegant Event of Terror Opens October of 2015

Guys. Remember Scott Swenson, former Creative Director of Busch Gardens Tampa’s Howl O Scream? He’s been busy – working on The Vault of Souls.

This appears to be a similar experience to the upscale immersive theater events that are currently happening in my home turf, NYC. Tickets start at $100. From what I understand about what they will be offering this seems like it will be well worth it. I’ve done events like these before and they are kind of the most mind-blowing best thing ever.

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The Vault of Souls announces its arrival in downtown Tampa Florida for select nights in October of 2015. Adult guests are invited to enter the opulent surroundings of the infamous Exchange National Bank to discover a paranormal world that transcends both time and space. They will experience a richly themed cocktail area in the original marble lobby of the bank. When their “number is called” they will be escorted in small groups into the subterranean vault. Masked and unable to speak, they will wander freely through catacombs filled with interactive scenes of ghostly horror. The characters they will encounter are the evil echoes of a nearly forgotten past. If they find their way out, they can continue their festive night of fear in a sinister speakeasy or calm their nerves and get personal readings from local psychics in a peaceful clearing.

“This is the most immersive and personalized haunt experience I have ever developed.” says Scott Swenson, Creative Director. “We were able to take historic elements of the raucous roaring 20s and envelop them in wicked paranormal fiction to create a story that just might be true. I must admit that I’m no longer sure which elements actually happened and which were created for the event. It just all seems so real.”

The Vault of Souls will utilize state of the art technology to create a convincing paranormal universe. Due to the event’s exclusive nature, elements can and will be changed throughout the night to personalize the experience. Professional actors and variety performers will bring life to those no longer living. There is no set pathway through The Vault of Souls, so guests will discover scenes in their own order creating a non-linear nightmarish quality. They will be encouraged to explore and search through the multiple layers of thematic detail in order to discover hidden messages, intriguing subplots and perhaps even their own name. Reserved tickets start at $100 and will be available at www.TheVaultofSouls.com

The Vault of Souls is produced by The Vault, located in the heart of Tampa’s Downtown Art’s District. This is the latest project in The Vault’s ongoing efforts dedicated to downtown revitalization. The Vault is an elegant and chic venue known for presenting one of a kind events and now a ground-breaking haunt experience.

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