The 2014 OniHaunts Haunted Attraction Awards: See the best Haunted Houses and Halloween events! :D – My Blog

The 2014 OniHaunts Haunted Attraction Awards: See the best Haunted Houses and Halloween events! 😀

So yeah. I do this thing where I review hundreds of haunted houses and a lot of people like to read about it.

I know it’s 2015. This is for last season. I do these before the following season because of 3 reasons:

1. It’s my blog and I can do whatever I want.

2. The best haunts are really the ones that last the test of time.

3. I’m generally way too tired to do them in November after many consecutive weekends of doing +-10 haunts per weekend.

I don’t do the same awards every year necessarily. There are different types of haunts and it’s unfair to directly compare them to each other because often they are trying to accomplish different things with their haunted attractions. I look at all of the haunts that stood out and create an award that tells you WHY. This isn’t to say that other haunts that I did aren’t good enough to rank an award. If they got an award last year and only did iterative changes for this year they didn’t get one this year again.

You’ll want to read through that and my review page because there’s a lot more great haunts than are listed here on this page.

That said, here’s who stood out this past season:

New Jersey: Lake Hopatcong 26th Annual Halloween Haunted House – Halloween Spirit Award


Lake Hopatcong 26th Annual Halloween Haunted House is a small, local haunted house staffed by volunteers from the local school blew us away. It was fun and exceeded our expectations immensely. Read my review here.

Pennsylvania: House in the Hollow – Best Standalone Haunted House


House in the Hollow is one of the best haunted houses in the world. It ranks up there with Disney’s Haunted Mansion and the great Knoebel’s Haunted House. Read my review here.

New Jersey: Haunted Scarehouse – The Innovation Award


Haunted Scarehouse is doing things no one else is doing with technology. You can buy photos and videos of you in the attraction at a very reasonable price via an app that they made themselves. Read my review here.

Pennsylvania: The Freak and Funhouse – The Holy Fucking Shit Award


Normally I don’t put profanity on things like this so that they can be shared to a wider audience. In this case it doesn’t matter because is the title of this award offends you, you aren’t the customer for this masterpiece. If you’ve ever been here you’ll know that this award is exactly true. What I love about these guys is that they are politically incorrect and proud of it. Their work has a classic feel to it that surprised and amused Harknell and I the entire time. Read my review here.

Pennsylvania: Dorney Park – Best Theme Park Halloween Experience


The Mansion Meal at Dorney Park Haunt by Chef Jan Giejda is the crowning glory in what proved to be the best theme park Halloween event we’ve been to this year. Read my review here. Read part 2 here.

Pennsylvania: Halls of Horror – The Brutality Award


The Brutality Award is reserved only for the most brutal. To get it you have to totally brutalize both Harknell and myself – which is incredibly difficult to do since we know all the tricks.

Congratulations to Halls of Horror, you sick bastards! I’ll be doing Blood Experience next year. Read my review here.

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