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OniHaunts Haunted Attraction Review Tour 2014 Final Count

It looks like this year’s Haunted Attraction Review Tour is going to top out at us having done approximately 69 (huh huh!) haunted attractions over 29 physical locations.


I am sad that the season is ending but I totally need some time to recharge. I have 4 more haunts to review this weekend which you can see on the main review page. This is an endurance match like no other. Thank you all for coming on the ride with me.

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We will also start working on the OniHaunts Awards after we rest a little bit.

Remember – bookmark and keep checking this blog. I am going to continue to write about haunted houses, dark rides, and quirky weird travel all year as well as some behind the scenes insanity of my life while I get ready to bring (Re)Generation Who Doctor Who Convention in MD to the world this March. I am reaching out to some folks now to see if I can arrange interviews and behind the scenes writings.


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