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Newtown, Bucks County, PA Haunted Attractions: House in the Hollow

It’s not every day that you find something as remarkable and amazing as the House in the Hollow.

house in the hollow

It’s almost like it shouldn’t exist. It’s too perfect. They don’t do things like this anymore – but there it is. What we have here is a work of art in haunted house form that is a genre unto itself.

I’ll explain, but first check out this independent film that is being made inside it:

These guys have 3 attractions. A Hay Ride, a Field of Fright, and the House in the Hollow. The Hay Ride is remarkable in that they use carts with metal fences on the side. The actors actually can hang upside down from them. We didn’t find it to be incredibly scary but we appreciated that it was different from your standard hay ride in this way.

The Field of Fright is a corn maze with many different effects, actors, and wire work inside. It wasn’t as cohesive theme-wise as we’d like to see, but we did have a lot of fun. There was a bit of comedy in here that we appreciated. We’d suggest perhaps bringing more theatrical elements into these attractions as well.

The star of the show is The House in the Hollow. What you have here is a very large house that can change it’s rooms nightly.

Yeah. I said it.

Every night that you go your experience will be different. This is not your typical terror event – it’s theatrical in the execution such that I feel it would be accessible to adults and families. That’s not to say it’s for kids – it’s a solid product for me and I am over 30. It’s just that the beauty of this attraction is the centerpiece of the experience – not mental distress. You’ll be able to interact with part of the scenery and you may even find that you are personally woven into the story.

The level of innovation in this house is mind-blowing. They even installed glass panels so that they can project ghosts throughout. I can’t tell you loudly enough that this is probably the most underrated haunted attraction of our time. If you like haunts or theater at all and don’t go to see this you are doing yourself a true disservice. I am sad for you.

House in the Hollow is impressive, inspiring, magnificent, and worth a long drive to see because you sure as heck can’t come close to this quality level unless you go to Disney World. This is the kind of attraction that I hope to find in my travels but rarely have the honor of encountering. I am very glad we went here and can’t wait to go back and force all of my friends to go.


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