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Morey’s Piers in Wildwood, NJ starts artbox, logo design opens up criticism from the past and Castle Dracula

I have to say right off that I really love the idea of artbox..err.. [artbox] at Morey’s Piers in Wildwood, NJ. As an artist myself I love anything that promotes local art.

Unfortunately the logo kind of looks like “Fartbox”if you look at it from the side (as you would when approaching the store sign).

Since I tweeted it and MP’s Twitter didn’t respond but Favorited all of my positive tweets around it I posted it on my Facebook along with some joking around about my reputation for being honest. Within minutes it generated a strong reaction.

So apparently I am not the only one who see “Fartbox”. Other people saw “Cartbox” and “Tartbox” as well. To sum it up one of my readers said, ” I saw “tartbox” but I suppose the greater point is that nobody sees “art box.””

Then the comments and messages came in that surprised me. I am not from New Jersey and can’t claim to be very familiar with haunted house history here. Apparently there were other haunted houses near Morey’s Piers that did not survive. It seems that the community is of the belief that Morey’s Piers is not very friendly with those who set up shop nearby.

I can’t claim to know if any of this is true. I can only say that I received over 20 messages about it that purport this. If it is true I need to take the time now to re-iterate that if there were more varieties of things open in and around Wildwood like Castle Dracula Morey’s Piers would be a bigger destination for me and my family. I go to Wildwood a few times a year but the lack of variety coupled with the almost total disappearances of haunted houses and dark rides keeps me away from the piers and over in Cape May eating at Lobster House instead.

Right now the only attraction in Wildwood is Morey’s Pier’s Ghost Ship which I had reviewed when it opened and again the following year when they had slightly improved it. Still, the last time I experienced Ghost Ship it was as we call it, a “One Timer”. I was promised by MP that there would be upgrades and enhancements each year but I haven’t heard anything beyond the second year. I am sympathetic to needing to iterate in quality but I am concerned that this sympathetic nature may have led me to give them a better review than it should have gotten.

What I mean is that if year 1 and 2 on Ghost Ship were just interim steps – cool. But if that is all they are doing, this attraction is better than the first year but still not that good. Has anyone heard if they have improved Ghost Ship each year as was stated to me?

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