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Pennsylvania: New Haunted House at Conneaut Lake Park – if it opens again

Conneaut Lake Park has been through a lot ranging from fires to shady owners. I am honestly surprised that it is still operating. I am glad that the community has been able to pull it together somewhat.

I used to go here when I was little. It would be a shame to lose another historical park. Conneaut has a Devil’s Den, which is a vintage dark ride. I have heard that it recently got some work done and it was restored a little bit.

It should come as no surprise that their website is not really sufficient to advertise the park. There allegedly is a new haunted house open here called “Hostile” or “Hostel Hostile” or something. Oh wait, no – it’s called “Haunted Hostel” and was opened when the Travel Channel filmed a show here.

I am really not sure. These guys have a little bit of information about it. It seems like it is just open limited hours on the weekend when the park is operating.

Conneaut Lake Park is in serious trouble and may or may not open this year. Before you go here please call ahead and check Screamscape to make sure they haven’t had another fire (yes, it seems to happen every year) or a volcano eruption or something. I believe I have counted reports of 6 different fires. Clearly, there are too many assholes on the planet because they must have been started maliciously.

Regardless, I see a lot of crazy documented on the Screamscape link above. People need to cut the bullshit out. If this park closes for good everyone loses.

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