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Thoughts on haunt season, huge flaming boobs, and registration is already open for my convention this August

We have a few more reviews being written, but for the most part, OniHaunts Season is a wrap for 2013.

For the first time since last Winter I was able to get a good amount of sleep and I am in my own apartment. There won’t be that much of a break before I go back on the road, but it’s a needed break. It was unexpected that places would start inviting us out for the Christmas events and other immersive-theater driven events. I’m happy with that.


It started last year with our friends at Busch Gardens Christmas Town, but is going larger this year.

But before that we Zzzzz…

This week is another very long week of work in NYC followed by a hotel visit to the Hilton in Rockville, MD for my convention, Intervention in Rockville, MD. Yes, it takes a full year to pull off an event of this scale. Thats why we have such a high rate of retention in the people who come party with us while I share all of my secrets about making your own way on the internet.

I already have been quietly signing guests for this year. I guess I should make a stand-alone post that you can ALREADY register to both attend and exhibit your independently-produced creative works. The 5th Intervention is August 22-24, 2014 and I can guarantee you that vendor spaces will sell out at least 3x over, so get on it.

I am working on a redesign for that site and my blog. But that’s not all I have to do now.

I have to also get some real press photos done so I will begin to try and figure out how/who/where to get those done this December. I have a desire to get a really bizarre, over the top piece done where I have like, huge boobs and I am riding a flaming dragon with red eyes and fire breathing skulls or something, but Harknell is saying that perhaps I should chill out just a little bit. OK, fine I’ll just do one where I’m dressed as Wonder Woman that has a herd of greased monkeys. Yeah.


This year kicked ass:

Oh my, so many new friends…

This was a big year for us during OniHaunts Season. Thank you to Boing Boing and Jezebel who helped me make this haunt go viral after I posted it. You guys rock. I did a reddit AMA about the craziest shit I saw when reviewing haunted houses which kicked some serious ass.

I also launched a pilot web series about our shenanigans at haunted houses. More episodes are going to come out. If you have a problem that it’s after the season or the sound isn’t the best, perhaps you will be generous when it comes to trying to get funding to do it right with equipment that isn’t metaphorically held together with paperclips and duct tape. 🙂 This year was a proof of concept that we want to do this and can do it, even with crappy equipment. YEAH, BABY.

Let me tell you – all of this wasn’t easy to get through when ALSO working about 70 hours every week in NYC without having any downtime after the most stressful 3 months of my life planning Intervention 2013 in Rockville, MD this past August.

Thanks to Stephen Baker who graciously edited the OniHaunts web series for us. He’s really good at what he does – because he does that professionally for his real job. You should get in touch with him if you need a video editor.

Haunts in general (not all of them) seemed to be lower in intensity than in past years. I believe that the hurricane we had last year in the northeast (and the cataclysmic rain and snow for the last 3 years) had to have been a factor for some. I hope that this year was phenomenal so that 2014 is the best season yet for everyone.

I’m like, “What’s next? A volcano?” Luckily Halloween was a warm 65 degrees and pleasant this year!

Aside from all of that, I have lived in Central Jersey since 1998. Halloween itself has been a fail since I can remember. No one really celebrates it in my area. It was a stark change from when I used to throw huge parties in Pittsburgh with 60+ people, fire, and costumed mayhem that lasted until 6AM.


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