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Pittsburgh, PA: Hundred Acres Manor 2013 haunted attraction review


Hundred Acres Manor simply one of the best haunted attractions in the country. No one does this level of superior craftsmanship combined with hyper-charged actors like they do– at the end of the night their actors were still throwing themselves into a frenzy of motion and action.

You may not expect a haunted attraction with a focus on charity to be a high-end Hollywood-like experience, but that’s what this is. When we visited it for the first time last year we knew we wanted to return again. I can honestly say that no other haunted attraction had actors so focused on energy this year. The pure insanity we witnessed in here was mind-blowing.

They redid some sections of the haunt this year. Left intact is the ever-popular chainsaw maze which is an actual maze. Like, you can get lost in it and have to find your way out. It can get very chaotic as people are going all over the place trying to find the exit. We were told it was one of their most popular sections.

The show this year was flawless as usual. This is why we will make it a point to visit every single year. They told us they hope to redo almost half of the haunt for next year(!)

You may not know but this haunt is built on an old swimming pool area that once was a segregated swimming pool for African-Americans in South Park. In those times it was called “The Inkwell”. We’ve changed a lot as a society and, of course, this was closed down. This haunt was built atop and utilized these pools as a water effect area. Water rolls off of a clear ceiling into a swamp. This is such a great way to reuse an abandoned relic of Pittsburgh’s past.

Hundred Acres Manor is a great haunt run by wonderful people who put their all into what they do and it shows. See this one!

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