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Philadelphia, PA: Fright Factory review 2013


One of the most improved haunts we have done this season has to be Fright Factory in Philadelphia, PA. They went nuts and totally redid their haunt. This was, in out opinion, a good time to do so. They were in need of something new after so many years of iterative changes.

But did it work?

Oh yeah, it worked. The overhaul impressed us. The scares were better and the flow of the entire place felt less open and more atmospheric. In past years the first section was the least scary. This year it didn’t disappoint. It was so redone that none of it was recognizable from last year.

They even added a nice retail area at the end – something that we are surprised that more haunts don’t have. They were selling some great t-shirts, hoodies, and some unique novelty items like candy coffins and zombie jerky. There was a machine there in which you could activate a scare inside the haunt.

We were surprised when the owner, Rob Dudzieck told us that they only did a small portion of the changes that they had hoped to do this year. It certainly didn’t seem that way. We went through something that, aside from needing lights in the first church scene out front, seemed like a finished product. This tells me that we’ll probably see many years of new and amazing scares on a very large scale from these guys. Fright Factory isn’t just scary – now it’s the innovator in its geographical area. See this one.

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