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Jackson, NJ: Nightmare at Gravity Hill 2013

On Saturday, October 19th we ventured to the land of Six Flags Great Adventure Fright Fest and…proceeded past that travesty of circumstance to go to a Halloween event that is actually worth our time – Nightmare at Gravity Hill in Jackson, NJ.

We have reviewed these folks before. Their haunt sets are some of the best. The set design is inspired, amazing, and it just feels lush and expensive.

We were nervous that Hurricane Sandy may have destroyed some of their haunt. If it did, they rebuilt it the same as before. It’s still great. Our friends who came to meet us here had a great time.

The only caveat just for our specific bad luck is that we didn’t get some of the scares. I think that the finale room might have been on break when we went through or there might have been an issue. (This has been a theme with us across every haunt in the country this year for some reason. HA!) But the place is so pretty that even if you don’t get the scare a fun time is had.

Our prior review holds true. We were discussing if they made changes to the pathing or not. Harknell thought they had, but I thought they hadn’t.

Our friends loved it but remarked that the path was long and there were stretches without many actors. So our suggestion is to either shorten the paths or add actors. Paths could be arranged like at Legends: A Haunting at Old Town to allow for 1 actor to follow and scare. This makes 1 actor seem like 2 or more. We’d also like to see something new for next year.

Nightmare on Gravity Hill is probably the best haunted attraction in New Jersey. See this one.

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