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New York City: Blood Manor 2013

Photo by Wes Mason

I attended a media event for Blood Manor haunted attraction in NYC. It was a party followed by a walk through of the haunted house. It looks like they have taken their haunted attraction which I reviewed here a couple of years ago and made some good changes and augmentations to it.

When I went through a lot of the media attending was photographing with large lights and preventing many of us from going through the haunt properly, so I can’t comment on how the customer experience would be or how the scares worked, but it looked like if you like the sound of my last review you would be into their show this year. Blood Manor is the only NYC haunt that goes for straight scares in a traditional way that pairs highly motivated actors with animatronics, and they do a decent job of it. The energy level was high and the rooms were very detailed as well.

If you go here, let me know what you think!

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