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My Disney’s Haunted Mansion iPhone 5s case is the best ever

Hell yeah, Disney’s Haunted Mansion case for my iPhone 5s!

It took a lot of searching in Disney World, but I found it. I like how it’s understated so that, unless you are in the know, you won’t know. It’s a good way to quickly find new potential friends because if you are down with Disney’s Haunted Mansion we probably have a lot in common.

If you want one of these babies you’ll have to ask for a Disney Cast Member to search it out in the computer. There were 2 left in Once Upon a Toy in Downtown Disney. The other version is more common, but kind of corny:

Disney: Trying hard every day to minimize the legitimacy of The Haunted Mansion and put happy-dappy squishy cartoons all over it that aren’t remotely in the same art style of the ride. That might explain why the version that I got is harder to find than this one.

Truthfully, both cases are nice. The second one is probably a nod toward Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, an event that is great for kids but didn’t appeal to us at all. BLECH!

Normally the cartooning is far more obnoxious than this. But it’s the same school of thought that puts giant 3D Pluto and Mickey in bright colors on a lot if the Haunted Mansion merchandise, so I gotta say something. 🙂

Also? If anyone can find out when they are getting more Dooney and Bourke Haunted Mansion bags PLEASE let me know. I heard they only made 70 of them and they sold out in minutes. Disney Parks blog claimed there would be more coming in and they would be available online but I have heard all kinds of conflicting stories from cast members. They were online for a brief time before they (you guessed it) sold out in minutes. I refuse to pay speculator prices on eBay, because FFS it’s already assclown expensive.

I don’t normally want items BUT I WANT THIS BAG.

Disney is super consistent in preventing me from giving them more stupid money.

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