UPDATED: TONIGHT! 8PM! Come hang out with me on Reddit. – My Blog

UPDATED: TONIGHT! 8PM! Come hang out with me on Reddit.

UPDATE–Reddit link now live: http://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/1nh1pm/i_am_a_haunted_attraction_reviewer_and_ive_been/

“I am a Haunted Attraction reviewer, ask me anything.”

You should come to this for a few reasons:

1. It’s awesome, guys.

2. If you own a haunt, work at a haunt, or review haunts its a great opportunity to promote what you do by interacting in such a public forum. All are welcome.We can all talk together.

3. You can ask me questions about things I don’t normally talk about – I have not posted everything on this site that I have done because I didn’t realize it would be a thing until much later.

The link will be posted on my Facebook (Oni Hartstein), Twitter (@Onezumi), my Fan Page, and here when it goes live.

For now here is my account landing page – the thread will also populate here: www.reddit.com/user/Onezumiverse/

Please spread the word and post this on your social media and/or websites so that we can draw more attention to the best industry in the world!

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