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Williamsburg, Virginia: Busch Gardens Howl O Scream 2013: Blood Banquet dining experience review

We just did our event overview, now on to some specifics!

There are a lot of new things this year at Busch Gardens Williamsburg Howl O Scream. Ranging from themed Terror-tories to themed bars and dining experiences – there really is too much to do in just one day.

One of the most impressive things that we did was the new Blood Banquet dining experience. BB is available from 4:30 onward – not just after 6PM.

It is basically a


that houses a buffet of unlimited food for only $20.

Click for larger panorama:

Notice the suitcase cart on the left and the actor on the left of the buffet in the cheesy vampire cape who is supposed to be a fanboy tourist. He was very funny! Directly in the back was a meat-carving station. On the left in the wall is a bar that serves both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

Harknell is getting his buffet hookup:

Another shot of the buffet:

The details were amazing:

Harknell has a new friend:

Dessert! Red velvet cake, lemon strawberry cake, chocolate pies, and berry cobbler:

You get to sit outside and eat while actors do performances and spontaneous improv. Even the people serving the food are in character – I got to see 2 girls argue over if being bitten was a good thing or not. They clearly disagreed and one had garlic around her neck! The alcohol is the only thing not included in the buffet price. It is separated on it’s own side so that children do not have to encounter the alcohol.

This is a must do experience.

I hope that they do this every year .The food was excellent and plentiful. The cuts of meat were almost too big. The buffet featured things like pastas, beef, turkey, pork, polenta, vegetables, salads, potatoes, and the above-mentioned desserts.

The actors were obviously having a great time, and the theming of this attraction was impeccable. This gets a solid thumbs up from both Harknell and I. Everyone will like this one, unless you don’t like awesome.

Full disclosure: This was a Media Event in which we were invited to dine here for free. As you know the events I work with know that I am known for my brutal honesty. This does not affect how I write about these things. Even if I had paid myself I found this to be a great experience, great value, and I would most certainly return on my own dime if I lived closer to the park.

My only criticism of the buffet is that we did not care for the pork skewers because they were marinated in pineapple. Everyone at my table found it to be too fruity for their taste. We also would have liked some festive pumpkin pie or pumpkin dessert! 😀

My advice is to do Blood Banquet as early as possible to maximize your haunted house time after 6PM because 6-10PM is not really enough time to squeeze the entire Halloween event in. Strategize!

Stay tuned the next blog post where I will talk about the basics – the haunted houses, terror-tories, and atmosphere. I will post it today or tomorrow!

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4 responses to “Williamsburg, Virginia: Busch Gardens Howl O Scream 2013: Blood Banquet dining experience review”

  1. Would you say that the buffet had enough selections for someone who eats a vegetarian or vegan diet? I’m often disappointed when I’m stuck with side dishes at buffets.

    • I’m sorry I missed this comment until now! 🙁 I can’t remember at this point unfortunately. Here is their menu for this year:

      This all-you-care-to-eat dinner buffet is located at Wilkommenhaus and features marinated pork skewers, hand-carved Diablo Turkey, hand-carved Tri-Tip Beef, interactive pasta station, Casket Club Chili, Vampire Point Potato Bar, Bloody Smiles (empanadas with roasted red pepper coulis), polenta, roasted vegetables, Cemetery Tossed Salad, dinner rolls, Baklava with Berry Compote, Chocolate Tarts, Blood Spatter Cake Cherry Cobbler, soft drinks.

      Beer, wine and mixed alcoholic drinks (Vampire Martinis, Bloody Sangria, Jello Shots) are available for purchase separately.

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