Livetweeting Busch Gardens Williamsburg’s Howl O Scream opening day in Virginia – Halloween begins Friday the 13th, 2013 – My Blog

Livetweeting Busch Gardens Williamsburg’s Howl O Scream opening day in Virginia – Halloween begins Friday the 13th, 2013

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This year Busch Gardens Williamsburg’s Howl O Scream will have 4 Terror-tories in their Virginia theme park. I really like this idea because I felt that the roving hordes worked very well in their Tampa theme park in Florida but did not work quite as well in the Williamsburg park in Virginia.

The Virginia park was just too big. Busch Gardens in Williamsburg is a big, awesome park that really is the top of it’s class. Because of that we didn’t really see any scare actors until the end of the night at the exit. Busch Gardens Williamsburg It is also a different atmosphere than the theme park in Tampa. Tampa’s Howl O Scream is a hard ticket event so everyone in the park is there for Haunted Attractions. Virginia still allows the day guests to come in so there were a lot of small children and strollers that made it a bit chaotic for crowd flow.

I think this Terror-tories idea is a good one for the Virginia Busch Gardens theme park! This way you can be sure to see all of the street experiences that they have planned even though the park is big!

Ripper Row will be the main attraction within the Terror-tories concept. It will be placed right at the entrance gate in England. BOOM:

“Tendrils of fog curl lazily around those who walk the dark streets and cling to tattered bits of black parasols, forlorn reminders that the denizens of this forsaken place are in mourning. The wailing keens of those who’ve lost someone dear punctuate the air of a city shrouded in darkness and despair. Shadows lurk everywhere. Everyone is a stranger and no one can be trusted. The yellowed newspapers plastered on sides of buildings shout the dire news in bold headlines: patrons of the Ten Bells Pub are disappearing. Whispers permeate every shadow-filled corner and foreboding alleyway, rumors of a dark figure stalking the streets plucking unsuspecting souls who fall victim to his nefarious whims.

Bobbies rush in and out of Scotland Yard, their brows furrowed with anxiety and their eyes averted from the citizens they are helpless to protect. Their efforts to warn away potential victims has all been in vain as more and more people seem to flood the streets each day. The locals are starting to call it the Autumn of Terror and no one knows when the horrors will stop and England will be safe once more. How do you save people from a villain with no known identity? For weeks he has been taunting the police by mailing them grisly notes detailing his murderous crimes, all signed with the same shudder-inducing name: Jack the Ripper. One thing is clear, this is his city now and the suffering is far from over for those who visit Ripper Row…”

France, Italy, and Germany will be transformed into Demon, Pirate, and Vampire Terror-tories. In addition to this, Fiends and Dig it Up! returns to Ireland’s Abbey Stone Theatre and Italy’s Il Teatro di San Marco, respectively.

Night Beats happens in Das Festhaus and new for this year is Cut Throat Cove. This is a new haunt that replaces Fear Fair.

A new gift shop this year is a Pirate-themes store – Captain Barghbie’s Booty. the Open CASKet bar, and Demon Drinks Inoculation Station returns. Also this year is a Pirate Baarrrgh that will serve up cocktails.

The scary festivities begin at 6PM on Friday Sept. 13th and will run every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday until October 27th.

Check out the Busch Gardens Williamsburg Howl O Scream site for more information about the Terror-tories, gift shops, Haunted Attractions, and mayhem that they have planned for this year and to get your tickets before they sell out!

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