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Amazing Disney’s Haunted Mansion Wedding cake

Sometimes I feel a little sad that I’ll probably never have a wedding. We couldn’t afford it at the time and so now I wrestle with a few emotions – mostly because I am an idiot. On one hand, the ship has sailed. I’ve been married for awhile. It’s like


“Yeah WE KNOW.”

I also believe that my family fall into 2 categories – some would not care and would grumble about having to deal with it, others would not be able to afford to come to Orlando, which is where I’d have it because DUH. It woudl be kind of depressing to have only 3 people at my wedding and 2 of them might punch each other. Then I start thinking of the price tag on these and wonder what’s the point at this time frame? Blowing money on going somewhere and just saying stuff that everyone already knows in front of a cake? Isn’t that silly? Isn’t that for other people who have better situations than me?

I wasn’t brought up with celebrations like these. I think I went to 1 wedding when I was 3. My family didn’t go out much or socialize so I feel incredibly out of place at them. I think I would feel just as awkward if it were for me. Actually that may be the core of it. I’d also feel incredibly awkward. Stop looking at me.

People have suggested that I do something at my convention but oh NO WAY. The logistics behind that would be impossible. That would be like Captain Picard getting married during a space battle.

Mostly it’s not a big deal, but I occasionally feel regret when I see stuff like this. Maybe I should just get an awesome cake one year.

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  1. Throw yourself a wedding.

    With enough notice, you’d be surprised at how many people would come to Orlando for it.

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