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Field of Screams in Mountville, PA (Lancaster) 2012 review

Field of Screams in Mountville, PA (Lancaster) is, simply put, one of the best and unique haunts we’ve been to. Their haunts are extremely strong and their atmosphere is better than every other haunt I have been to. Yes, you should go here.

We were granted media access to check out the haunt:

FoS has 3 attractions: Haunted Hayride, Den of Darkness, and Frightmare Asylum. They also have the most impressive midway we have ever seen.

The Midway:

The midway itself could be a destination. They have pizza and other food, homemade whoopie pies in flavors like pumpkin and peanut butter, apple cider, and great decor on plentiful tables. There are animatronics for your entertainment, and great decor even outside the midway area. It’s a legit festival. They also had a live band and some snowboarding going on in the center. The lead singer was dressed as Spiderman:

Every time I come here, I have to get at least a cider and a whoopie pie.

NOMS, guys.

But how are the attractions?

Haunted Hayride:

The Haunted Hayride is very good. They have barns they have actually converted into showrooms that enclose the hayride. This is much more awesome and scarier than plain ride-throughs. They added some new and impressive props this year, like this pumpkin guy:

Our only critique about the hayride is that we hope they equip the actors with microphones in the future and fiddle with the pumpkin guy at the beginning. It was hard to hear what they were saying due to sound pollution. That said, the scenes were well done and we enjoyed it a lot. Many of the actors were really funny, especially the hillbilly with the shotgun. They even had a stage with a small show involving scare actors and body parts being cut off (I think? I wasn’t in the line very long.:) ) for the queue. The props near it were great – they even had heads on pikes that would sing barbershop quartet style.

Den of Darkness:

The Den of Darkness is one of the best walk through haunted houses I have ever been in. It was very well done. We noticed some changes this year and found out that in the fireplace room there is a diverging path where you may either have to crawl or walk through. The actors can flag you either way depending on capacity. We got the crawling last year and the walking this year. New for this year was a section that absolutely destroyed me – they included an area that seemed to be under the porch. It appeared haunted and actors would tell us that we were not supposed to be in there. The tight pathways and darkness was absolutely perfect. It didn’t distract us or stop the line – it was all terror. I was SERIOUSLY DISTRAUGHT in here. This was the best. Yes, it’s scary. They added a photo op in the scariest section, which was pretty cool.

Frightmare Asylum:

We normally don’t care for Asylum haunts, but this one was and is still very well done. It was long and featured a Silent Hill room in the attic that managed to be far scarier than the Silent Hill house at Universal Studios this year. I didn’t notice as many changes in here, but keep in mind I was busy getting my ass kicked. It was a blast from beginning to end. The guy chasing people with a chainsaw at the end would chase them 200 ft or more through the entire midway to the exit! This was great and really added a festive flair to the event. I think we spent about 10 minutes just watching him chase people and laughing. FoS clearly gets atmosphere like no other northeastern haunt I have been to does.

Mental note – don’t use the front facing iPhone camera – especially at night:

Notice that in that photo – we liked the haunt enough that Harknell bought a hat.

My favorites here are the 2 houses, with Den of Darkness just edging out Frightmare Asylum because of the awesome new addition to it, but the hayride is also strong. The atmosphere here cannot be beat. Harknell and I both recommend FoS to you.

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