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Recovering from Hurricane Sandy in New Jersey; learning that I’d be a shithead in a zombie apocalypse

I have had the worst week. No one expected for us to be without power, heat, and hot water for almost 7 days during 40-35 degree cold. The posts you have been seeing have all been done via phone or laptop at the college.

We just got power back today, so I can finally live in my apartment again. Most of NJ and NYC have it even worse than me – and trust me, this was a nightmare!

It was like an adventure at first, but then it was slow going. The terrible cold made it tough to get a good quality sleep, and it was too cold to do laundry of change clothes, so I spent Friday breaking down into tears at random times.

I made a pumpkin called Mr. BatsMouth:

I discovered that everyone wants the shitty white bread if there is an emergency, so I may feast on a castle of naan:

This is not my car, but it’s worth saying that the sign there said “No Parking Any Time”:

We had to evacuate my apartment and stay at a hotel in PA. We did some haunted houses while we were there (thanks to Field of Screams and Shocktoberfest for hooking us up with review passes during our evacuation.) When I came back here was Mr. BatsMouth and he had floaty flies:

I was sad. I wanted to keep him. 🙁 But instead I will carve Mr. BatsMouth every year in honor of our pumpkin protector during this very scary time. (NOTE: I just found out we are losing water tonight due to another power failure. HOORAY! Err…. :/ )

What I learned about a zombie apocalypse:

I learned things about myself that I didn’t want to know. For example, Harknell and I would probably die really quickly if there were a zombie apocalypse. My patience for not having lights is fine but when I can’t eat well or get a shower, I start to flip out. If my billion mysterious food sensitivities don’t kill me, our total lack of preparedness will. We’ll be the first on your FACE trying to eat your brains but sharing nicely with each other.

“Here, sweetie, try some of this brain.”

“No, you try some of the one I got first.”

Oh well, everyone needs a hobby.

No onto the awkward time of year where everyone starts celebrating Thanksgiving and Christmas, but I’m still mostly in Halloween. ;D

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  1. Hey Oni glad to hear you guys are doing okay. I wanted to let you know about a great product for when you are trying to eat clean and paleo. I’ve been doing primal instead of paleo but pretty much the same thing. I carry a few PaleoKits around just in case I ended up some place without any options for clean eating.

    Here check it out.

    I like the vacuumed sealed compared to the loose packing because it keeps the meat moist but much messier and stickier then the loose packed. I think these would make great zombie apocalypse rations.

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