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The Oni Haunts Haunted House Tour vs. Hurricane Sandy the asshole in New Jersey

Well, I am back from Pittsburgh, PA, and Akron, Ohio. Yes, Ohio. I’ve covered over 2000 miles and ended up in OHIO this year for the sake of Haunted Houses.

Here I am in a Brueggers Bagels somewhere in Pittsburgh:


It looks like the 2012 Oni Haunts Tour is leveling off at us covering approximately 23 haunts with 66 attractions this season. (This is based on their attraction count.) Due to the impending hurricane that is about to hit New Jersey, we may end up getting 3 more locations in there if some open next week. Tonight’s haunting at Horrorfest and Dorney Park have unfortunately been canceled on our tour. (I believe Dorney is actually still open as of this writing, so you might still be able to go. Just call them to check.)

I am preparing to conduct the first ever Oni Haunts Awards to recognize the best and brightest we have encountered – Oni style. 😀 More details on that later. We’ll be holding the awards after the first week of November.

Being stuck indoors tonight means I finally will have time to adjust my blog a bit and get business cards sent to be produced. Oh yes – we also have to catch up on our podcast. It’s been impossible to do that since we are almost always in a loud vehicle driving from ghoul to ghoul.

Geez, what a bizarre few months:

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Anyway, we’ve been doing ALL of this while wrapping the paperwork for Intervention 2012. November will be hard work on our 2013 event, plus I’ve been invited to be a guest speaker at several venues and a guest at the media opening of Busch Gardens Williamsburg’s Christmas Town

I think there’s more stuff happening, but I’m not telling you about any of that yet. ;D

Hurrican Sandy is an asshole. I have a a chart here that kind of explains why:

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