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Haunt Review: Fright Factory in Philadelphia, PA

Fright Factory in Philadelphia, PA is always a good time. We’ve gone this year and last year. They haven’t really changed that much since last year, so if you are looking for my review of it, you can refer to the one from last year for more detail. The long and the short of it is that we liked it. I think it was even better this year – probably because the actors are pretty nuts and always thinking of new stuff to do. 😀

Here I am with Harknell and our friends Gil and Allie. I think my eyes are shut and I look like a totally different person than myself but I have no idea:

I still feel that Amygdala (the final attraction) is the strongest of the bunch. I haven’t seen anything else like it – when you walk into the room, you see a projection silhouette of what happened to cause the scene you are about to walk through. All of the actors are wearing screwed up-looking doll masks and are very good at what they do.

My understanding is that they plan to redo nearly all of this attraction for 2013. That tells me that you had better get in there to see Amygdala before the end of this season or it might be too late. (I do not know if they are keeping it or not.)

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  1. Hello all,

    The plan for Fright Factory is not to nearly redo all attractions but to completely redo Fright Factory as you know it. 4 Haunts will become 1, 25,000sq foot haunt, some people have said i’m crazy making it one big haunt and maybe I am, but I want Fright Factory to live up to it’s name and next year for our 13 season it will. I believe the changes we are making will have people talking all season and beyond. Keep an eye out at http://www.FrightFactory.tv for hints on what’s to come.

    Robert J Dudzieck

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