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Haunt Review: Easton Haunts

Easton Haunts is located in a haunted mill in Tatamy, PA. Tatamy is in Eastern PA near Allentown. Harknell and I were given media passes and went through Easton Haunts on Friday, October 19th.

Their website is a very basic website. I am learning that it’s often the quiet ones that are the most insane. Easton Haunts is like that. To say that this is a must see is an understatement. This is actually worth a drive an an overnight stay for a haunt fan due to the high quality of this haunt and it’s close proximity to 2 other haunts. (House of Horrors/Altered Nightmares, and The Haunting at the Waldorf.) If you are quick, you can do all of these in one night like we did.

There are 2 attractions at Easton Haunts – the 3D Freak House and Fear Factory.

The doorway to doom

From the minute we entered the 3D Freak House the passion and skill of the actors was impressive. Immediately they descended upon us with such energy. There were stunts in this house that we hadn’t seen anywhere else. It was obvious that they put almost everything together themselves with a skilled hand. Veteran Haunters like myself tire from seeing the same 15 expensive props in every haunt in the country. You will find none of that “copy-paste” boring stuff here. It’s all unique and well executed. The finale of this house was particularly brutal.

The Fear Factory is most certainly the crazier one. It is absolutely relentless in there. Again – the same hand made precision that I mentioned above is in this house too. The sets are wonderfully created. The actors were way above and beyond what I would expect to see in a non-corporate sized haunt. In my opinion, they were far better than what we experienced at Universal Studios this year. I can only compare them to Busch Gardens Tampa and Corner of Chaos. That high, folks.

They would say things at you in character, pursue you, laugh at you, ask you to play in the fireplace before making you crawl into the fireplace – WOW. Harknell and I were actually sweating and overwhelmed after getting out of this one. It’s amazing how they were able to take simple items and make them terrifying. The guy who was wearing a painted potato sack on his head who chased me into the house? Good job, buddy!

We had the opportunity to speak with the owner and Creative Director afterward. It’s obvious they really love what they do. They told us that most of the actors have been with them for their entire 6 year run so far and that is why the quality is high.

Don’t walk – run to see Easton Haunts. This is one that everyone who claims to be a haunt fan should know about. To make it even better, there are multiple haunts in this area. Allentown PA is the perfect weekend getaway for haunt fans and that getaway should begin with Easton Haunts in Tatamy. We will definitely be back.

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      • 2009 was the last year it was in the mill before it moved

        That year there was no 3d house and they used the entire mill instead of breaking it up for the 3d

        That year I have to say was to this day the best haunted house experience by far that I have ever had

        I can remember many of the rooms even the best room I have ever seen. Santa all messed up putting presents under the tree while there was snow falling in the room. Amazing stuff

        This year was ok. But after the let down of tatamy this year I have to say I went to the new hotel of horror that night and loved it

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