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Why we review haunted attractons

In 2008 Harknell and I went to Orlando for the first time during October. We experienced our first ever Halloween Horror Nights. We became addicted to Haunted Houses and Haunted Attractions.

There was a problem. Many of the reviews that we found online were misleading.

I have to guess that it’s a thing where fans of certain haunted attractions will allegedly plant false negative reviews on other attractions and false positive reviews on their own attractions. In 2008 I went to a particular attraction based on a review I read that turned out to be an absolute lie. My money and time was wasted. I felt ripped off and angry. I then imagined what it would have been like if that were my first haunt ever – I probably would have hated haunted attractions and never gone to another one.

Every year since then Harknell and I have done a Haunt Blogging Tour through as many haunts as we can fit into the season. It’s important to us to provide an honest and friendly voice to support the good haunts and encourage more of the general public to discover them. It’s our favorite thing in the world, after all.

If we don’t like something, we’ll tell you why and give you a clear picture. We also won’t compare small budget haunts to million dollar haunts. That’s just ridiculous and unfair. Our goal is simple – just good, honest, and thorough reviews by people who don’t have a financial stake in the industry to be biased by. My business is art / illustration, and my digital media convention – if someone doesn’t like our review, that doesn’t affect our careers.

When we have been given press passes we will tell you in the review. The only thing this influences is how fast we get their review up. If someone invites me to review their attraction, the least I can do is get the review up ASAP so they can leverage it for the operating season. The review will be honest. That’s how I can help them get better at their craft, anyway.

Check it out:

This page collects up all of our reviews for your haunting convenience.

Click here to listen to our Haunted Attraction and Dark Ride Podcast.

Follow me on Twitter and save the hashtag #OniHaunts. I will livetweet many of the haunts.

I have more Haunted Attraction-related posts than what are listed on the page. If you’d like to read ALL of my Haunted Attraction posts, read through my blog posts with the Haunted Attraction tag.

If you are an attraction owner and would like Harknell and I to review your attraction or write a piece about the behind-the-scenes creation of it, please email me by clicking the link in the navigation bar above. Note that we live in Central New Jersey, but travel a lot.

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