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Busch Gardens Williamsburg, Virginia: Howl O Scream 2012 Pt. 1


To make this post easier for you to read I created a visual of me:

Here is my car:

This past Saturday Busch Gardens Williamsburg kindly invited us out to an exclusive Howl O Scream VIP media #FrightNight event for the most influential bloggers who like Theme Parks, Halloween, and Haunted Houses.

Harknell and I have been through a haunted house or two. (YEAHHHH understatement of the century.)

We made the 6-7 hour drive from New Jersey with no problem. I don’t have to be convinced to go back to what I consider one of the nicest theme parks in America.

We met some other bloggers at the check in booth at 3PM (If you are one of them please email me and help me connect your names, faces, and URLs!) and were given gift bags that had 2 black roses, a bouncy eyeball, Halloween spiders, a fancypants Lady of the Gardens printed chocolate, and an unlimited Quick Queue for rides and all haunted houses. We also received a message from The Lady of the Gardens telling us about the schedule for the day.

This is chocolate, guys. CHOCOLATE:

We were then deployed into the park and told to have fun. Go on rides with no wait. (Gee, my job is tough sometimes. ;P) The 2 roses were tickets to get us into a VIP dining event at 5PM.

We went on the Curse of DarKastle ride and then set about photographing, tweeting, and Instagramming (find me on Instagram at TheOnezumi) the Halloween decor. You might have seen some of these if you follow me on Twitter.

They did a much better job with the merchandise than they had in year’s past in my opinion – we now have a variety of things:

Err no:

At 5 we went to our host’s party. and..err…here she is:

No joke, they did a really great job on the costume. BG has always been a cut above almost everyone when it comes to costumes.

We were treated to a buffet meal of ribs, salads, quiches, and assorted Halloween desserts. There were some brains, knives, and severed body parts there, too. ;D We also had unlimited beer and wine, which sadly I could not partake in due to a bad food sensitivity I have to alcohol. It was all good, they had sodas, too. Harknell had to be my stunt double.

The pavilion we were in was quite Dapper McFancypants. The Lady of the Gardens also visited with all of us and would mess with us a little bit. It was a lot of fun. They even had her theme song playing.

I got to meet some of the wonderful people behind park operations. Being a blogger, haunt fan, and an event runner, I feel my perspective and interests skew more technical than many. My understanding of scale and logistics greatly inform my reviews. I consider talking with the parks about what they do just as cool as experiencing the events. I never started blogging haunted houses and theme parks for any reason other than I really like them. This blog really is just an amalgamation of my life in which these things happen to be a big deal for me.

Anyway, I digress. After the meal we were deployed to the park to hit the haunts at 6PM when Howl O Scream opened for business.

The next post will be my review of the event!

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