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Spooky Meet Up at Eastern State Penitentiary plus Busch Gardens Williamsburg

For those of you who have wanted to come out haunting with us, a friend of mine just started a Facebook group to organize the haunts this year. You are welcome to join. Not all of them will be public because in some cases I will be working to cover the attraction and not free range haunting. (If a haunt invites me to the attraction, I consider it my obligation to do right by them.)

In those cases you can still come and hang out with the others in the group, but consider it a bonus if you see me. I will specify that in the event entries.

Some of my friends are meeting up at Busch Gardens Williamsburg on September 15th, however I cannot promise you will see me there as I am working with the park management to cover this event.

The first one I am available at is Terror Behind the Walls at Philadelphia’s Eastern State Penitentiary on September 28th.

If we don’t know you it’s totally cool that you come. The whole point is to meet others who like the same things we do. You just have to buy your own ticket and get there on time and please don’t be legit creepy.

It’s best that you RSVP on the event page or even better – follow me on Twitter so you can find us when you get there. Otherwise I bear no responsibility if you miss us or can;t find us. Often we can;t wait around because groups of people are usually asked to get into the attraction now because we are blocking the road. 🙂

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