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Busch Gardens Williamsburg Howl O Scream 2012 Media Invite Unboxing

After a very long day at a job interview that took 3 hours, I was very tired and felt like an elephant had jumped on my eyeballs:


You can imagine how cool it was to check my PO Box and find the coolest party invite I have ever received in my life. To make things even better it’s for BUSCH GARDENS HOWL O SCREAM IN WILLIAMSBURG, VIRGINIA! OH YEAH HAUNTED HOUSES!

I have been invited to the Tampa one every year, but because it is a week before I can get to Florida every year I have never been able to go. (This year Tampa’s opening night is during my Geek convention in MD, so I definitely can’t go. 🙁 )

I *can* go to this one, though! FINALLY!

Here is the mysterious package in question, addressed from The Lady of the Gardens.

(Before anyone says anything, my PO Box is publicly listed on this site, so no I didn’t make a mistake and forget to black that out.)

This is The Lady of the Gardens (OH WOW cool “making of” vid!):

Anyway, when someone like that summons you, it’s probably wise to listen. The inside of the package was a red box:

Inside was a strange bottle with a note to me:

The contents of the bottle – what was that?

They appeared to be WORMS!

They smelled like fruits. GHASTLY FRUITS! Yes.

I’ll be at Busch Gardens covering this event. Follow me on Twitter to see what I see and experience what I experience. Pictures will be here later. I don’t know what to expect…

I received this after I RSVPed:

Note to those in the MD/VA area or those who are attending my convention this Sept. 21-23. We are giving away 2 sets of 2 passes to Busch Gardens in Virginia and 2 sets of 2 to the Tampa location in our Saturday night drawing!

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