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Podcast: Playland in Rye, New York – Classic Dark Rides

We got to go to Playland in Rye New York and partake in their Most Excellent Dark Rides. This park is a true gem for classic Dark Ride enthusiasts. They have 3 Dark Rides. Zombie Castle and The Flying Witch are 2 old style ride-throughs. The Old Mill is a classic Mill boat ride that has impressive themeing based on gnomes and trolls. The quality is top notch and actually reminded us of Disney. They spared no expense on it.

This park is the only government-owned theme park in the country. It is a historic landmark and where the movie “Big” was filmed.

Here we are in front of Zombie Castle:

The Flying Witch:

The Old Mill (Hard to get pictures of this one due to the way it is constructed):

A vintage (and now illegal to run) roller coaster car for the really awesome Dragon Coaster (shock absorption? What shock absorption?):

The modern cars are normal and comply with modern safety standards. 🙂

This is an old school fun house. I did not get to go in it because they had a stupid policy that I couldn’t bring my mini backpack/purse inside:

A display near the kiddy rides:

There was a tiki restaurant (warning: website has sound) that had a nice atmosphere but very mediocre food. I normally have no issue paying Orlando and Disney prices for food if it’s quality, but this particular restaurant was very overpriced for what it was. The food was forgettable, so we didn’t even photograph any of it. The tikis win, though.

Listen to the podcast about the Dark Rides at Playland in Rye, New York. We talk about what we liked, didn’t like, and were absolutely impressed with. Also please subscribe to our podcast in iTunes or subscribe to the podcast RSS if you don’t have an iDevice.

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