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Planning our 2012 haunt blogging tour!

The coming weeks are going to be very busy for Harknell and I. After pulling off our 3rd year of empowering people to put their DIY stuff online at Intervention in MD this Sept. 21-23, we’ll leave for our yearly haunt blogging tour.


I already have weeks of haunts lined up!

If there are any we should be reviewing but aren’t or if you want us to come to your haunt, please let me know. We live in central Jersey and can travel to haunts anywhere in the NJ, NY, PA, MD, VA, CT, OH areas. We also will be in Central FL for a week. We cover about a 7.5 hour driving distance from Central New Jersey and a 3 hour radius of Central Florida. If you have a haunt elsewhere and can pay for us to travel, we’d love to but I doubt that will be a very likely scenario for most of you out there. 🙂

You can see some of the ones we have done so far here.

2012 Haunt Targets (Subject to change)

We may open some of these up as public meet ups after we get them scheduled.

* = We are being invited to the event by the establishment this year. This will not influence our reviews. These establishments like us because we are honest, fair, and constructive. You can assume that they all care about their haunts enough to ask for us to give our honest opinion.

(Alphabetical Order by City)


Allentown, PA: Halloween Haunt at Dorney Park *

Glen Mills, PA – Bates Motel *

New York City: Madame Tussaud’s After Dark

New York City: Nightmare Haunted House *

New York City: Blood Manor

New York City: Then She Fell (Not really a haunted house – from the Steampunk Haunted House crew, an ethereal immersive dance performance)

Orlando, FL: Universal Studios Orlando Halloween Horror Nights

Passaic, NJ: Brighton Asylum *

Philadelphia, PA: Eastern State Penitentiary *

Pittsburgh, PA: Scarehouse *

Rockville, MD: Hallow Inc: The Warehouse: Project 4.1

Sinking Spring, PA: Lulu Shriner’s House of Horrors

Tampa, FL: Busch Gardens Tampa Howl O Scream *

Williamsburg, VA: Busch Gardens Williamsburg Howl O Scream *

Probably Maybe:

This is the list I’m pulling from to schedule. These depend on money and time.

Aberdeen, MD: Legends of the Fog

Boyds, MD: Nightmare Screamplex

Chester, NY: Pure Terror Screampark

Essex, MD: Cox’s Point Haunted Mansion

Hightstown, NJ: Corner of Chaos

Jessup, MD: Bennett’s Curse

Kingsville, MD: Creepywoods

Lancaster, PA: Jason’s Woods

Livingston, NJ: Bane Haunted House

Mountville, PA: Field of Screams

Pataskala, OH: Dead Acres / Haunted Hoochie

Philadelphia, PA: Fright Factory

Spring City, PA: Pennhurst Asylum

Wallingford, CT: Trail of Terror

Yardley, PA: Horrorfest

This is just a start. I will be looking for more to add to the list in the next few weeks! 😀

8 responses to “Planning our 2012 haunt blogging tour!”

    • YES! Time might be tough though – they invited me down on the 15th for a media event – I am asking them what time the event is.

  1. I’m so friggin’ jealous. Excited that you’re coming to see ScareHouse again, but also jealous. My wife and I miss being able to take our “hauntpallooza” trips every October.

    • Ah I understand! Once I started InterventionCon/working at cons…its a bit different but when you work you don;t get to play. People think I have so much fun that I own a con, but I’m like “Guys, I’m working 16-20 hour days during that.”

      We wanted to put a haunted house inside it. Life goals!

  2. So glad I found your site – I’m an avid haunt fan, and have spent the last couple of years trying to find something around here to scare me. There used to be a great haunted woods/corn maze in South Jersey that I LOVED, but they folded a few years back.

    I notice you love ESP, which makes me think I should give it another shot. I went probably eight years ago now, and hated it. I just remember walking through the prison halls in a line and knowing every single thing that was coming b/c someone ten people in front of me screamed. It sounds like they’ve improved since then.

    Also, I’d recommend giving Pennhurst another shot. I, too, eagerly awaited their first year and was disappointed (the tunnel was particularly bad), but I was impressed by the improvements last year (especially in the tunnel) and am hoping it’s even better this year.

    • Hi!

      Sad to hear the haunt in NJ closed. 🙁 I thought Corner of Chaos and ..the one that is in Mullica Hill/Creamy Acres was ok from what I remember?

      Hands down the SICKEST one was Shocktoberfest. I actually got terrified i their prison haunt. But that is in PA.

      Oh yes actually my friend who went with us to ESP last time had gone last about 8 years ago and said exactly what you just did. She remarked that it was totally different. I do know they changed management completely so they must have totally redone it. It’s pretty good. The 20th anniversary was insane as they had ALLL the old actors out too.

      Ah yeah peopel keep telling me to try Pennhurst again. I believe I am going to. I know Bates does great work. It’s normal to have a first year with some things not 100% 😀

      We just started a haunt podcast and I think I will try video reviews-but that is new to me so it will take some time to get used to. Here is the podcast BTW: /onezumi-studios-podcasts-haunted-attractions-dark-rides-geekery-and-probably-monkeys/


      • Eastern State is my favorite haunted attraction even though I don’t have many to compare to. Went in 09 with my boyfriend, Oni and Harknell and again in 2011 and there were so many improvements. I also have a love for ESP when it’s not Terror Behind the Walls.

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