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Scarehouse in Pittsburgh, PA – Behind the Scares

The Scarehouse in Pittsburgh, PA is one of our favorite haunted attractions.

When it comes to scaring me, it is actually pretty tough. Think about it – I’ve been through literally hundreds of haunted attractions. Probably more. Every Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from September to November, I can almost guarantee you that I am going to or coming from a haunted attraction. I’m honest about it – when I come out I will say if there was a point where I was actually scared.

I do scream like a little bitch, though. I don’t know of any other haunters feel this way, but I treat screaming as a form of applause to the actors. If by all means they should have scared me were I not the type of person to be able to guess exactly where they were coming from, I’ll let them know. When they do actually scare me, if I can I will even scream “You got me!”.

There are people who go through these things and have the “I’m a big man I are not skeered of nuttin’!” thing going on. I think that is dumb. You are in a haunt to have fun, right? I pity the dude who can’t have fun without worrying about being seen as not manly or something. To me, worrying about how manly you are is a huge turnoff. Worry about awesome shit first. 😀

When both Harknell and I come out of a good haunt, we will be like “Damn! Screamed like a bitch! Yeah! High five!”

Haunt season is upon us, right after Intervention. I can’t wait!

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4 responses to “Scarehouse in Pittsburgh, PA – Behind the Scares”

  1. Isn’t this were we went with you?!

    I seem to remember the woman at 2:23… wasn’t she the one that was standing in the way and wouldn’t let us through and Harknell said:”I don’t know what I’m supposed to do!” ?!

    BTW you have NO idea how nervous I was before we went in, lol!

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