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Pittsburgh’s Scarehouse releases horiffic holiday trailer

“He knows if you’ve been bad or good …but he’s going to kill you anyway. It’s time for Creepo’s Christmas in 3-D.”

In 2011, I did a 12 hour round trip drive to my old hometown of Pittsburgh, PA to visit The Scarehouse. I had only limited time to do a haunt. I could have chosen others to go to, but The Scarehouse seemed to be a legit, stand alone haunt so I went with them. I joked with @ScareHouseScott on Twitter that they’d better be good because I passed up going to Kennywood for them.

I was only half joking. Longtime readers might know that me giving up a day at a theme park is only one step from me cutting my arm off. I have a PhD in SRS BZNZZ when it comes to theme parks. They may as well call me CAPT. MS. SUPERBUTT RIDE WARRIOR III ESQ. ALL CAPS.

I’m a also serious asshole snob when it comes to my haunts. It takes more than guys with chainsaws to amuse me.

The Scarehouse delivered. I highly recommend them. You can read my review from last year if you are curious as to how our trip went.

I’ll be back this year, Scarehouse!

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