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Philadelphia Haunted House: Fright Factory Review 2011

Harknell, Onezumi, Amber, and Isaiah

We visited Fright Factory in 2011 with our friends Amber and Isaiah.

Fright Factory is a haunted attraction in Philadelphia that had 4 attractions for 2011: iChem Industries, Philadelphia Haunted Asylum Tours, Undercroft Cemetary, and Amygdala.

We had gone to FF before and had some issues with it. Since then, they have redone the place. Undercroft Cemetery and Amygdala are new. iChem and Philadelphia Haunted Asylum Tours all have noticeable upgrades. Philadelphia Haunted Asylum had a new pre show that I felt worked very well.

Undercroft Cemetary and Amygdala were the strong attractions of the night. Undercroft was a great winding cemetery trail full of scare actors. There was one particular scare actor in there that WOULD NOT GIVE UP OMG. It was awesome. 😀 I think he followed us through like 4 rooms.

Amygdala was our favorite. This attraction was full of creepy little girls. I believe the idea was that a murdered child was getting revenge on those who wronged her. Each room had different things happening with shadow projections and audio. I’d like to see small timing adjustments in this one to make it more obvious that these things were happening because I missed it at first (could have just been me being at the end of the line).

Scare actors were plentiful, the staff was pleasant and inviting, and we enjoyed ourselves a lot. I recommend this one to you!

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