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American Horror Theater and Blackout NYC

The Guardian wrote an article about American Horror Theatre. They cover all of the northeastern haunts I’ve done. They talk a lot about Blackout NYC, which I haven’t done. We really don’t care to do this one. Both Harknell and I go to haunts to escape from real life horrors and stress. Blackout of more of a soft core S/M experience than a haunt in my opinion.

I’ve been to kink clubs, I’ve seen things that most people probably have not seen. The story I told at Guests Uncensored about the transvestite Klingon is true. I just don’t want it thrown at me in a haunted house by strangers.

When simulated horror crosses over the line and activates the “oh crap I might be raped” trigger, I’m done. Most women know what I mean and have encountered this feeling at least once in their lives and probably know what I mean.

No H8torade here. If someone else likes this, cool. I do applaud and respect them for doing something different that clearly works and sounds like it is flawlessly executed. It’s not my cup of tea, but it could be yours. A friend of mine went through and thought it was absolutely disgusting but fun.

That said, I’m not a wuss. If someone dared me and paid me to go, I’d probably go through. Tanooki balls, here.

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