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Lulu’s House of Horrors in Sinking Spring, PA review

Lulu’s House of Horrors is a yearly fundraiser for the Lulu Shriners in Plymouth Meeting, PA. This is a small haunt, but well worth your time.

Imagine if you will, a haunt put together by your Dad with CLASSIC haunt techniques that you will not see anywhere else. Imagine if a rich man went all out on a huge home haunt in the 80s and made the coolest thing you’ve ever seen.

Lulu’s House of Horrors consists of a short hayride to an actual old house that has been converted to a full haunted house. After that, there is another hayride that leave you at a haunted maze.

This haunt is OLD SCHOOL. In my opinion, this makes it one of the stand out favorites of my year. You do not find haunts like this any more.

For example, the man with the gun on the hayride is firing a real gun with blanks. The house pathway has some cute pre-fab props, but the killer is the older gentleman who BURIES HIMSELF IN THE DIRT, waits for you to get close and jumps out at you!

The house itself is small but put together with a lot of love. They amused and actually scared me in here. You follow a winding pathway up, around, and down through the house. You’ll see werewolves, clowns, creepy monsters, electrocutions, vivisection…the best part is that every scene was handmade with pre-fab props and other things in ways I have never seen before.

They put it together in their own way-they didn’t just set it up like a store room. You will not find a McHaunt here.

The energy of this place was unique and amazing. The hayride leaving the house and the maze was not as good as the house. This is fine – the first hay ride and the house are clearly the main attraction. The hayride had a Nightmare on Elm Street scene with sparks and props. The maze was cute!

I probably spent 30-45 minutes going through the whole place and about an hour on line. The house was about 15 minutes. Note that since this is a small business there are no VIP passes for a shorter line. There were a couple of food stands, but nothing elaborate.

The attraction itself was unique, classic, and amazing. This was one of my absolute favorites this year. I will be back for sure. If you want a solid, unique, and classic haunt this is for you.

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