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Blood Manor in New York City review

I have to admit to being cynical. I didn’t intend to go to any haunts in NYC. As much as I love NYC, events held in here tend to be crowded and expensive. You can spot someone from NYC in any club in the country because they have a unique dancing style that involves keeping to the smallest space possible. Needless to say, I assumed any haunted house in NYC wouldn’t be worth my time. Google revealed negative reviews for this haunt, but I wen anyway because we have already established that you can’t trust everything that you read online.

Blood Manor was definitely worth my time. I was actually surprised with how well set up and different the rooms were. Sure, they did use a lot of purchased animatronics, but I felt that they were well integrated with the set pieces and the actors were plentiful and well trained. It wasn’t a case where they were using purchased haunt props to cheap out on the actor count.

WTF. 😀 This was on the 2nd floor before the attraction:

The attraction is located on the second floor of the building. The hallway up there is painted like this – slightly NSFW:

The actors were amazing. Their demeanor was uniquely New York in a good way. For example, one zombie ran at me screaming, “YO WHATS UP, GIRL?!?” They actually took time to mess with us and confuse us in certain rooms. Some of the scares were very well set up. They got me quite a few times. We were in the attraction for about 20 minutes, but we were walking probably faster than we should have been. We paid $25 each to go through. If we had wanted to we could have gone back through for an additional $10. We waited about 15 minutes to get in. They let small groups of about 5 through at a time. I am not sure if the bad reviews I read online stem from a long line vs attraction time ratio. Long lines and crowds generally come with the territory in NYC. We went the first weekend of November. Our line was pretty short and they had some actors outside to mess with us:

Blood Manor is your best bet for a solid, traditional haunted house within NYC. It’s not as big as a massive farm haunt, but it feels big – especially for NYC. I’d definitely go again.

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