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Field of Terror 2011 review – East Windsor, NJ

Field of Terror is located at 831 Windsor Perrineville Road in East Windsor, NJ 08520. They have this evil baby in their ticket booth:

Pictures of Field of Terror are posted in this old post.

They have 4 attractions. New this year is Dementia, a new 3D experience. Harknell and I went to FoT on October 2nd, 2011 to check it out. FoT has some good, bad, and interesting things happening. Lets look a little closer:

The Good:

The Haunted Trail: FoT has one of the best haunted trails we have ever had the pleasure of reviewing. It’s quite long – I’d say we were in there at least 20-30 minutes. The scares come from homemade wooden structures, old busses, bridges with mushy floors, and anything else they could find. The beauty of this attraction is that it isn’t full of a lot of prefab stuff they bought from the store. They really thought creatively about how to use regular objects to great effect. You even go THROUGH A BOAT at some point. I believe there were even some child scare actors here who were hilarious! They came out singing “It’s a Small World After All” and chased us through a claustrophobia chamber.

The House: The house is amazing. Again, it’s all made from scratch so you won’t find any predictable store-bought crap you’ve seen at every other haunt here. You’ll run from things, crawl from things, have to go through a wall and have your senses totally confused…while you dig through the wall to escape. You might even get led the wrong way through the house by the evil things that lurk inside. This house and the trail alone are the reasons why I never hesitate to recommend FoT to people.

The Bad:

Their Website: Their site runs only in Flash and it was a real pain in the ass to find out where they were when we were using our phones to locate them. I’m writing this post away from home and am having difficulty getting the info correct for the first draft because their site just does not display properly on my iPhone. Just a simple “Who, What, When, Where, and How Much?” mobile site would be fine.

The Hayride: Their hayride was pretty bad last year and it was unchanged for the most part for this year. You are carted around some vignettes that have no story behind them. People sometimes jump on the cart and stare or scream at you…usually they just kind of get in your face. One guy absolutely made the experience for us, though. He jumped on our cart and instead of staring or growling he started raising the roof like if he was in a dance club. I nearly laughed all over myself. That has become a running joke for us because it was so funny! If they aren’t able to make this hayride more scary and immersive, their best bet is to play it for laughs. I hope that they revisit this concept for next year. I tried it 2 years in a row, but unless there is an update I won’t try the hayride again. If you are on a budget, the hayride is definitely the thing to skip. However, the high quality of the other attractions was so apparent that I bought admission to all of the attractions and did not feel that it was a waste of my money. Everything else is that good.

The Interesting:

Dementia: I wouldn’t say that Dementia is amazing. It’s a good start, and I hope they evolve it a bit more in the years to come. It wasn’t the most scary, but it was fun to look at. It is a walkthrough of a surreal, neon world that kind of looks like the cover of an Iron Maiden album. Some of the actors are wearing bizarre neon spandex costumes.


FoT is a destination that I am more than happy to support 2 years in a row. The trail and house are among the best. The staff is friendly and they even have concession stands where you can buy snacks, drinks, and sausages. The night I was there they had a live DJ performing. The hayride needs work, but Delirium is a good start. Make sure you have their address before you leave the house because their website might not work on your smart phone. I always recommend this attraction with confidence to my friends-just skip the hayride if you don’t have the money to blow. You should go to FoT.

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      • Wow…I can see why you made a minor typo. That’s pretty crazy. I hope you come out and see us again this year if you have the time.

        • Yeah – every year we do the haunt blogging tour thing from NJ to PA to FL. It’s tiring but worth it to spread the word about the good things in the industry. 🙂 I hope the snow doesn’t cause too many problems today for you guys!!

    • Your best bet is to phone them and ask, but I think I saw 10 year olds there. It probably depends on if the kid can handle something scary. 🙂

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