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Eastern State Penitentiary: Terror Behind the Walls VIP Party pix

Thanks so much to the Eastern State Penitentiary staff for inviting me to their VIP party last weekend!

Here was where we checked in:

Harknell and I were given VIP passes to go through the attraction. I decided to go through the not-VIP line, so that I could go through with my friends! 😀 Here is the queue:

The Gauntlet is the first attraction:

After this it was too dark and fast to get shots of the fronts of the attractions. I already posted a review of the 2011 Terror Behind the Walls here.

After going through the attraction we were led to a special area for the party:

It was past the area where Al Capone’s cell is located:

The party tent!

Zombies on the dance floor!

Zombie makeover stand!

Tasty food:

The stilt walker / dancer was freaking awesome. I have no idea how on earth he was able to dance on those things for so long:

The also had booze and candy for us:

Harknell took some pix of me to prove I was actually here and I didn’t get eaten by zombies:

I got to sample food from London Grill, Rembrandt’s, The Belgian Cafe, Trio , rybread, and Mugshots.

Standouts were from my favorite coffeehouse, Mugshots. (If you go there, ask them for an Aztec Mocha – a mocha made with chili powder!) They had some great pumpkin donuts and cupcakes. Here are the red velvet:

It was a really fun time! I’m so glad that they noticed my haunt blogging and took the time to reach out to me. ESP: TBTW has always been one of my favorites, so that makes it even better. 😀

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