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Busch Gardens Tampa Howl O Scream commercial 2011 & tickets on sale

The wait is over:

Here is the commercial:

Tickets are now on sale. You can buy them here. And BOY HOWDY should you buy tickets and GO TO THIS ONE. BGT’s HoS is always epic – one of the highlights of my haunt season. Here is my review from last year.

The word on the interbuttz (thanks to the AAA south website) is that this is the house list:

– Ultimate Gamble: Vampire Casino (New for 2011.)

– Nevermore: A Poe themed house (New for 2011.)

– Zombie Mortuary (New for 2011.)

– Deconstruction: The Dr. Is out of Control (Returning from last year.)

– Death Row Vengeance: Fear the Dead (Returning from last year.)

– Nightshade Toy Factory (Returning from last year.)

– Alone (Returning from last year. There is an upcharge for this house)

If this is true, we are one less house from last year. That is never a happy occasion, but the Delta Epsilon Delta house of last year (sorority-themed) never quite seemed to work for me. I thought it was amusing, but I am not sad to see it go. Trapped in the Walls (paranormal research themed house) was OK, but not one of the more memorable ones for me. The only thing I remember from it really well is the people researching outside the house. If they are devoting resources to making a great product (which BGT is known to do) then I’m sure it will be awesome.

Deconstruction and Nightshade Toys are really good houses. I am glad they kept those. Death Row Vengeance was fun, but seemed not quite as good as the others. It could be because I live near Eastern State Penitentiary’s haunt. ESP has the unfair advantage of being inside a real prison that is scary during the day. Still, if they have to axe a house for next year, I vote DRV off the island.

Of course, this is assuming that these houses are exactly the same as 2010 – this may or may not be true. BGT could have very well altered the houses this year from the inside.

I am excited that Alone is returning because I felt it was WELL worth the money last year Alone is the best haunted house I have ever gone through in my entire life – and I’ve gone through hundreds. I will be most definitely going through again this year.

When it is launched the official site is here. BGT’s HoS is always an event that I know will keep me coming back year after year – all the way from New Jersey! I can’t wait to go this year!

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