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Morey’s Piers’ “Ghost Ship” Becomes More Immersive for 2011

When I reviewed Ghost Ship last Summer, I had some honest criticism of the attraction. My review ended off with, “What hurts me the most is that small changes could quickly make this attraction an amazing must-see.”

Well holy crap they must have been listening. I just received the following press release from Morey’s. I am really, REALLY excited about this. I firmly believe that immersive attractions are what makes a run of the mill park into a stand out park worth traveling across states to see. It seems that they are in sync with my train of thought about upgrading Ghost Ship. If this is indeed the case, OH MY GOD.

Morey’s certainly is paying attention. This means that all of you haunt fans out there should probably support this as much as possible. I hope that this is an amazing success and proves to all of the other parks who leave their dark rides rot in the corner that this IS the way to go. Metal coasters are great, but this is where the soul is.

I’ll definitely be investigating Ghost Ship this Summer.

Check it:

The Wildwoods, NJ – April 29, 2011 – Last year, the world was made aware of Morey’s Piers’ newest attraction, the Ghost Ship. As the end result of a “Philadelphia Experiment” gone terribly wrong, the Ghost Ship took the Jersey Shore by storm, entertaining and terrifying hundreds of thousands of guests and gaining recognition as ‘Best New Theme Park Attraction for 2010’ in Reader’s Choice Awards.

The Ghost Ship gave the Wildwoods boardwalk back the kind of high intensity scare attraction that had been missing for nearly a generation. Thrilled as Jack and Will Morey were with the first year success of the attraction, they have never been ones to rest on their laurels.

As such, Morey’s Piers is pleased to announce that Ghost Ship 2011 will offer an almost completely new scare show, as well as a number of physical changes to the ride’s interior maze itself that will more fully immerse guests into the horrifying experience.

“Ghost Ship was a great attraction last year, no doubt. It would have been easy to come back with the same show in 2011. But I was not surprised when Will and Jack sent me to various parks in the US and across the pond in Europe to research how we can make it even better. That’s just how they operate. Good enough is never good enough,” said Ghost Ship manager Terry O’Brien.

Many of the cages and fences that separated guests from hungry zombies have been stripped down, leaving guests face to mangled face with the creatures of the Ghost Ship. A couple new surprises are meant to immerse, impress and impart a deeper sense of gloom on the adventurous as they wind their way through the derelict vessel.

In addition to the many new rooms, acting and lighting changes, the Ghost Ship will also feature an all-new costume and make-up scheme, designed by industry professionals.

For more information about Ghost Ship, visit or call 609-522-3900.

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