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Morey’s Pier Ghost Ship wins Readers Choice

Ghost Ship won’s Reader’s Choice Award for Best New Theme Park Attraction of 2010. I had visited Ghost Ship mid season last year. The facility is phenomenal, but in my initial review I felt that the storyline could be articulated a bit better and was unhappy about the low number of scare actors in the ship itself. I was convinced that if they kept refining the concept that they could have the best attraction in the northeast on their hands. I am convinced that attractions like this are the best thing ever, and it seems that Jack Morey agrees with me:

“It’s interesting to see an attraction that relies heavily on a theatrical concept rise over all these purely mechanical, though truly impressive, rides,” said Jack Morey, Executive Vice President of Morey’s Piers. “It reinforces the fact that the classic culture of the Wildwoods and ‘America’s Boardwalk’ is very much alive.”

It is not uncommon for new attractions to go through adjustment periods while the owners work to refine the concept. You can imagine how happy I was when I heard from their PR department that they are addressing a lot of the points that I brought up for the 2011 season. I have been told that they will be adding more actors and working to make it scarier. Morey’s has invited me to meet with them so that they can share with me their long term plans to make Ghost Ship even better. With a positive attitude like this, Ghost Ship could be downright dangerously awesome once it is refined down to a science.

I’ll visit them when the Summer season is open for business. I’ll be sure to report back! 😀 If you are considering a vacation to Morey’s Piers, you can check out their website here.

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