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Oni and Harknell actually go outside to do The Field of Terror in East Windsor, NJ

The Field of Terror is located in East Windsor, NJ.

This guy at the front was hilarious:

I guess a girl he knew was here tonight so he chased her into the Port O John and waited outside while hitting it with the basebell bat:

After this she ran out screaming and he chased her across the entire field HAHA.

The Field of Terror has 3 attractions. The Haunted Hayride, The Haunted Corn Field and The Unknown Haunted Barn.

The Hayride:

Here is a scene from the hayride:

The hayride at The Field of Terror was actually the weakest and least scary hayride I have ever been on. I hope they completely redo it. They had a few good effects on the hayride, like a giant spinning cylinder, but the rest was a bit boring. The scare actors just jumped on the back of the cart and stared at us. It was a bit of a letdown, but it was a nice day out so we enjoyed the stars and atmosphere.

However, The Haunted Corn Field and The Unknown Haunted Barn more than made up for this.

The Haunted Corn Field:

The Haunted Corn Field was a really long trail! There were so many unique scares here! They had a guy on stilts on top of a school bus! They had you go through boats! they had all kinds of crazy haunted structures! Wow! I have never seen any of this anywhere else! I was impressed.

The Unknown Haunted Barn:

The true surprise was their haunted house – The Unknown Haunted Barn. I have never EVER IN MY LIFE seen anything this unique. They had things you had to crawl under. They had things that created optical illusions – you had to figure out which hole in the wall was your escape route and crawl through it. They had all kinds of crazy rooms that were built by hand. I would come back here next year just for this house! I always talk about loving The Bates Motel for it’s great house – but this house is also great and they seem to have built most of it by themselves from their own imagination! There were almost no generic stock props here that I could tell. You really should go here to check this out! I did get one photo when it wasn’t so dark. This guy got up and chased us with a baseball bat:

Even though I was not fond of their hayride, I would definitely return here. I really liked the unique scares and the insanity that they thought up. They didn’t just think outside the box when they were making the DIY scares – they lit the box on fire and made you crawl through it. I like to see this kind of creativity – it is really the spirit of Halloween in my opinion.

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