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A fun and eco friendly Halloween from Busch Gardens Tampa

I CANNOT CONTAIN MYSELF. The crew down at Busch Gardens Tampa Howl O Scream have the best haunt merchandise I have ever seen and it is up for sale online. I normally shy away from theme park clothing, but I’m kind of really coveting some of these unique things, like:

One of a Kind Billboard Tote Bag: This bag is made from a piece of the vinyl billboard of last year’s event. I can see this being perfect for my art/sketching supplies.

Revenge Rocks White Junior Tank: I hate loud theme park t-shirts, but this one fits the bill of being subversive enough that it can live in my normally fashionable wardrobe.

Sylvie Junior Black Tee: Finally, someone figured out that a lot of us hate the loud FRONT AND CENTER ALL OVER MANLY collage-style shirts that some other Halloween events have and made something a bit more awesome.

As long as their sizing isn’t wonky, it looks like I’ll be spending most of my shopping money here. BGT is not only one of the most innovative Halloween events I have ever been to, but also the most creative and connected with their fans when it comes to merchandise. I AM IMPRESSED OMG.

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