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Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights 2009: Ripped From the Silver Screen


Universal Studios has released a theme and 3 icons for this year’s Halloween Horror Nights. USHollywood will have Jigsaw from “SAW” and Michael Myers from “Halloween”. USFlorida will have Jigsaw from “SAW”, “Chucky from “Child’s Play”, and The Wolfman from the upcoming film “The Wolfman”.

“For 23 select nights this fall, modern horror films are “Ripped from the Silver Screen” to frighten guests at what promises to be the most feared Halloween Horror Nights ever. Other horror films and characters from the movies, including completely re-imagined Frankenstein and Dracula concepts, will also be integrated into this year’s event.”

This seems to be getting mixed reviews. I am hearing everything from “AWESOME!” to “Ripped from the SILVER ASS.” Universal Studios did do the classic monsters a couple of years ago, so this is a bit of a retread.

I must admit that USF set the bar high last year. Their original character “Bloody Mary” totally captivated many horror fans.

Here is my video of Bloody Mary:

I fear we have the economy to blame for the film tie-ins. Names get attention. My initial feeling is that this is a decided step backward. I am not too worried, though. This is is just the beginning. I will give it a chance as more details unfold.

I am sure that whatever they pull off for this year will be awesome. The houses at US are the best I have ever been to. I just wish they had put up at least 1 original character in the first wave. Ah well. I do absolutely love the SAW franchise.

What do you think of Chucky, Jigsaw, and Wolfman?

(Thanks to Outkastz and Devilman for finding the logo.)

Here is the link to the HHN website.

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