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Pittsburgh Mayhem: Kennywood Park

Dude, I totally forgot to post the pix from my trip to Kennywood on Thursday!

We went in the evening right before it got rained out, but there was plenty of time for us to ride the ridiculously unimpressive Ghostwood Estates haunted ride that replaced the awesome classic Gold Rusher mine cart ride. I’ll write a profanity-full post about the Asswood Estates later…with video report.

We also rode the train, awesome Noah’s Ark, and the ridiculously retarded Garfield’s Nightmare that replaced the amazing classic Old Mill Ride. (Video with semi-offensive commentary to come.)

Here are the pix of Asswood Estates, our parfait, and the kikass classic carousel. WTF, Kennywood. What happened to the ice cream, peanut, and fudge parfaits? This is not a parfait it’s fairy shit. Cream, brownie, and a big hat of frozen yogurt. Tasty, but not a traditional parfait!

Kennywood really needs to stop the gentrification. They cock-chopped the Mill, shit on the Gold Rusher, and fairy crapped on my parfait…this is a nostalgia park, not Six Fags! Butthurt. I has it. Still fun, but fun ‘roids.

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